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Oxnard Adult School Student of the Month Awards

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Maria Estela Perez has good English speaking ability and is working hard in class to improve her reading and writing. Maria started class with me in the fall semester, and since then she has shown a lot of growth and improvement. Maria comes to class regularly, even with a very busy home life.  Her children and grandchildren keep her busy, but she still finds time to study English outside of class.  The extra studying has paid off: Maria’s last few test scores show much improvement! Maria is always cheerful and comes to class with a smile on her face every day. I’m very proud of her progress. Congratulations, Maria! – Zoey Williams

I’d like to nominate Rosa Rodriguez as Student of the Month. She has excellent attendance, 55.33 hours. Rosa also supports other students with their learning goals as a peer tutor. Her stellar class participation and positive attitude make Rosa Student of the Month.  Congratulations, Rosa! 

– Nicole Durr

Elena Garcia is an excellent student with exceptional study habits and a strong work ethic. She has good attendance and always sits in the front row. When she is going to be absent from class she tells me ahead of time. Elena is very conscientious and organized. She takes detailed notes and uses colored pens to make her notes clear and easier to study.  When her classmates are absent she shares her notes with them. She has all the usernames and passwords for the computer programs we use in class written neatly on the inside cover of her notebook. She keeps all of her important handouts and EL Civics notes in a plastic folder. 

In addition to faithfully attending her Level 1 ESL class, Elena continues to work hard at English in the computer lab after class. Elena’s hard work and organization are paying off. She is making excellent progress in English.  – Victoria Dal Pozzo

Susan Lopez – I would like to nominate Luis Ambriz from my PM class.  Luis has excellent attendance and never stops trying to improve his English.  He has a positive attitude and gets along well with the other students.  He is very good at motivating his classmates! – Susan Lopez

Candis Nickleberry and Penelope Willens – Colby Waters has been nominated as the morning High School Equivalency Student of the Month.  For Colby this recognition is truly a very long-awaited opportunity.  He says that ever since elementary school he would hope and dream each month that he would be the SOTM for his class.  That didn’t happen.  Now, several years later, his hope is finally realized!  Colby quietly goes about his work in the HSE classroom, spending several hours each session, taking copious notes, and taking time each week studying those notes to improve his skills.  He is determined to complete the coursework and prepare himself for the HiSET exams.  His long-term goal is to fulfill a career in computer technology.  Congratulations Colby!

 Candis Nickleberry and Penelope Willens – Sam Rios, morning HSD – Returning to school after being away for many years became a reality for Sam Rios this past fall.  Stepping into a room full of students and staff whom he didn’t know tested his true motivation of taking the first steps toward earning his high school diploma.  Despite the challenges, Sam has made huge leaps of progress during the last two semesters.  His effort and attitude have been exceptional.  Although he drives from Camarillo, Sam has adhered to a steady attendance of two mornings per week.  We enjoy his cheerful demeanor and enthusiastic approach to learning to start our week!

Suzanne Houston – I would like to recognize the following high school diploma student, Lydia Hernandez(not photographed). Lydia is like the little mouse that sits in the corner with its piece of cheese except instead of cheese Lydia is consuming historical facts in her study of U.S. History.  She works very quietly. You don’t know she is there until she pops her head up and asks a question or asks for a test. The fact that Lydia is just two more classes away from completing her goal has given her the momentum needed to finish before 2018 is over. One could describe Lydia as thorough, determined and independent. As a student she continually fulfills the program goals of being connected, persistent and productive. It’s a pleasure to have her as a student.

Miguel Heredia – Wendy Avalos.  She’s only been in this country for less than a month, and she’s already coming to school to learn English.

Ramon Gutierrez – Julian bustamante. Great attitude and participation in class.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]