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High School Diploma

High School Diploma (HSD)

Oxnard Adult School offers free individualized instruction for students wishing to obtain their high school diploma. The high school diploma program is an independent study program where students meet with their instructors once a week with set appointments and complete work at home or in our classroom setting. During their weekly meeting, students turn in completed work, go over homework and completed subject area exams. Our classroom is open all day during class hours to provide students with a quiet place to do their work, get additional assistance from instructors or get tutoring in problem subject areas. Students usually work on one class at a time and work at their own pace. Textbooks can be purchased or borrowed with a deposit, at the school office for home use. 


Adults interested in the High School Diploma program should complete the COUNSELOR REQUEST FORM to schedule an appointment. The student needs to bring all of his/her previous high school transcripts to the appointment.  This course offers continuous enrollment throughout the school year.

SectionLocationClass DatesDaysHours
Assigned at enrollmentOnline onlyJul. 6 – Jul. 31, 2020 TBDTBD

OAS Graduation Requirements 2020


Course Offerings

Course NameSection Number
English A911100
English B911200
English C911300
English Review 1912100
Short Story/Composition915100
U.S. History 1945100
U.S. History 2945200
U.S. Government942100
California History948100
Problems of Democracy947100
Physical Science9321100
Earth Science931100
Life Science 1936100
Life Science936200
Math Review921100
Math Intermediate921200
Math Advanced921300
Consumer Math 1925100
Consumer Math 2925200
Algebra 1923100
Algebra 2923200
Art Appreciation952100
General Math Basics921400
Intro. to Computers981100
World History 1946100
World History 2946200