Dental Assistant

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RoblesCEC-12Jan 28- Jun 4, 2019M/W5:30-9:00 pm$900$80 (buy online) + $150 (x-ray film)

This course is designed to prepare students for employment in a dental office as dental assistants. Students will learn dental terms, x-ray techniques, instrument identification and preparation, chair-side assisting and preventative dentistry skills. Students will prepare for and take the State Dental X-Ray Licensing exam. The CEC Dental Assistant class has been approved by the Board of Dental Examiners for dental x-ray licensing in California. Students must pass a State dental x-ray examination to work as dental assistants. This course includes an off-site internship requirement during the second semester (no exceptions). 8 Hours a week to coincide with the student’s class schedule. This course includes the California Radiation Safety Course!

This is a one year program. First semester enrollment (Fall 2019) starts in June 2019. Dates to be determined.


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