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College & Career Services

Job and Career Center for Students
Our goal is not only to prepare you for a job, but also to help you find a career! The Oxnard Adult School Job and Career Center is located 1800 Solar Drive in Room N139 and employs a full time Job Developer to assist students in the following areas:
Career Counseling
• Guidance in career decisions and assessments available to ensure the best educational path to success.
• Recommendations for Career Tech Diplomas and Industry Certifications to enhance employment skills.
• Resume building seminars and coaching focused on your particular career choice.
Search for Jobs
• Job Center computers available to students for job search, resume construction, and online job applications.
• Job posting and announcement boards inside and outside Job Center (Room N139). 
Job Leads book in Job Center.
• Library and reference materials.
• Job search skills covering resume writing and critique, interviewing, utilizing internet employment databases, etc.

Attend a Job Fair
Oxnard Adult School hosts a Job Fair with employers invited who match our student’s employment targets.
Come hear representatives from many different careers talk about what it takes to make it in the job world. Make connections and network. 

For dates and times, contact our Job Developer, Bill Martin by email: